Barham Avocados

Our Farm

Barham Avocados is a family run avocado orchard, our fruit is pesticide free and is grown with love.
We are proud to be carrying on our family’s tradition for excellence in avocado growing. We now boast that four generations have walked our farm paths, and our orchard holds over 2500 trees producing rich, healthy avocados. Our specialty is growing the best Reed and Hass avocados; they thrive in Barham, on the banks of the Murray River. We also harvest a select group of Gwen, Fuerte, Bacon and Wurtz avocados as well, to make sure we are catering for all tastes. At Barham Avocados, we work to produce fruit grown to the very highest standards in the country.
We know our avocados are quality fruit.
We are proud to share Barham Avocados with our family and our friends – and know that our buyers feel the same.